Refactoring for Fun and Profit: From TypeScript to Flow

Initially, I've built this website with TypeScript. During development, I neglected to follow the TDD methodology. Didn't do a thorough research of the eco-system. Had no solid goal of what should be the end-product. And in the end, had to rewrite everything from TypeScript in Flow. Why? There are several points that helped me decide on this rather expensive process of refactoring the whole codebase.

Decisions #

Outcome #

In the end, I'm glad that I've had to experience a complete refactoring process. This allowed me to learn a lot more about TypeScript and Flow, their eco-systems and what pro and cons each language have.

And by no means, one language is better than other. I love both TypeScript and Flow, and cannot imagine starting a new project without using one or the other. Tools and requirements can differ and to choose proper one's matter a lot. But static type-checking is a must.

Goku and Vegeta fist bump

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