Anton Ždanov

Anton started his journey into the web development world in 2016 and has created many personal projects ever since and is doing so even now.

He enjoys tinkering with different frameworks, libraries, and languages to have a better idea of what's happening in various ecosystems. Experimentation and research of unfamiliar concepts provide inspiration to solve problems and find solutions in a new and a more elegant way.

Anton believes that open-source drives innovation in the software development world and after discovering his passion tries to take part in various projects with other members of the community.

Is interested in honing his skills in modern front-end and back-end technologies.


Screenshot of Laravel Animals project
Laravel Animals live website

A small shop made in Laravel and Vue. Made with: Laravel, Vue and Braintree.

Screenshot of Translations project
Translations live website

An english - estonian dictionary. Made with: React, Netlify Functions and i18next.

Screenshot of WordPress First project
WordPress First live website

A theme for WordPress created using a modern toolkit. Made with: WordPress, Sage and TailwindCSS.

Screenshot of Vue Chat project
Vue Chat live website

A Vue chat based on firebase realtime database. Made with: Vue, Vuex, Vue Router, TailwindCSS and Firebase.

Screenshot of Volunteer project
Volunteer live website

Full Stack project for displaying listings, similar to Craigslist. Made with: Laravel, TailwindCSS, Algolia, Braintree and PostgreSQL.

Screenshot of Voting App project
Voting App live website

Full Stack app to create, manage and share polls. Made with: TypeScript, MongoDB, Express, Pug and Bulma.

Screenshot of Night App project
Night App live website

Full Stack app to find a venue and organize events. Made with: Flow, PostgreSQL, Knex, Koa and Material UI.

Screenshot of Product Showcase project
Product Showcase live website

Front End project of a product showcase template. Made with: Bootstrap, Font Awesome, SCSS, Parcel and Material UI.

Screenshot of Heat Map project
Heat Map live website

Data Visualization of global temperature change. Made with: D3.js, Babel, PostCSS and Webpack.

Screenshot of Globe Map project
Globe Map live website

Data Visualization of global meteorite landings. Made with: D3.js, TopoJSON, Babel, PostCSS and Webpack.


What former employers and co-workers are saying about Anton:

Engineer avatar
S. Ždanov

My company specializes in concrete works. Bad weather, carrying heavy objects and often working until late hours are part of the everyday job. Not many can work in such conditions.

Anton has proven himself as a solid worker during his part-time. He worked tirelessly, didn't ask silly questions and reliably finished assigned tasks.

I gladly support Anton in any future work that he pursues, and can only recommend him for employment.

Captain avatar
N. Danilov

I have worked side by side with [Anton] as a Master of the Vessel […], and can personally vouch for Mr. Anton Ždanov and his abilities as a member of the security team.

During his stay on board, Mr. Ždanov has recommended himself as a hard-working individual who knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. He was very attentive to details, consistently completed his duties with competence often going the extra mile, doing more than expected. In addition, Mr. Ždanov has shown strong leadership and good interpersonal skills. He was highly respected by other security team members. His leading, supportive, and encouraging nature have helped him find a common language with the crew of the vessel.

Finally, Mr. Ždanov had shown desirable personal qualities - honesty, responsibility, decency - that will undoubtedly serve him in any career path.

Tanker avatar
L-G. Larcher

Very rustic, disciplined and good [crew member], [Anton] has established himself this year as a solid and responsible [serviceman], especially by his excellent state of mind in a situation of fatigue. He has the qualities to rapidly get further responsibilities.

Commander avatar
J-C. Bechon

[Anton] distinguished himself as one of the driving forces of his squad by his will and his taste of hard work, and has participated in the success of his squad…

Rustic and determined, has been particularly present during the sports tests, where his ease and his sense of cohesion have allowed the ardor [of his teammates] to be galvanized and revived. Methodical and conscientious, had the permanent concern to apply with common sense his knowledge during the technical tests and has demonstrated his mastery of the squad's material.

Discreet and efficient, was eager to give his best for his squad without trying to spare himself, thus fully emphasizing his professional skills and his sense of camaraderie.